Technology for society

For a better everyday life

At its core, Visma is a technology company. One area where we can make the greatest impact is through the software solutions we offer our customers.

A girl colours with markers while her dad has a video call on his iPad in the background.

Welfare tech for a better society

A young business owner carries his bike up the stairs after his morning customer visit.


Technology to help us meet tomorrow’s health care challenges and give more people the option to live and thrive in their own home.

Example: Assistive technology such as remote health monitoring to enable the elderly to be more self-sufficient at home.

A man and woman look at an iPad screen while their colleague checks papers in the foreground.

Financial management

The right technology to ensure good corporate governance that reduces risk, simplifies reporting, and benefits all of society.

Example: Software that helps government agencies with budgeting and financing for social programs.

A woman in a red blouse looks confidently at the camera while her three colleagues discuss something in the background.

Integration and welfare

Innovative solutions for better processes within the social welfare system and integration of refugees into society.

Example: A digital solution for refugee children to follow their asylum status in Norway in a simple, understandable way.

A teenager sits at his desk in his room studying for a test.


Technology enabling employees in the school system to spend more time with children and less time on administration.

Example: Solutions that automate the process of placing students in the right schools and class schedules.

Product showcase: Visma Connect and Visma Sustynex